Virtual Nutrition Counseling that Empowers and Drives Positive Change.

Food nourishes the body.

It can prevent disease, treat disease, and improve how you feel.

But food can also be damaging.

Food can encourage disease, worsen disease, and strip you of energy.

This doesn’t mean you should view food as good or bad.

Instead, view food and the nutrition it provides as a tool to improve your symptoms, become healthy, and feel like your best self.

But having the tool is different from knowing how to use the tool.

Sometimes we need guidance and direction, but more often, the belief and confidence that we can use it effectively.

That’s why we exist — to assist, guide, and, more importantly, empower you to use food to manage disease, feel better, and achieve your best self.

So no matter your disease, condition, or health goal, we’re just a video chat away.

We provide virtual nutrition counseling services primarily for individuals living in South Dakota but we also serve residents of other states in which we’re licensed.

TeleNourish is the virtual nutrition counseling brand of Dakota Dietitians.

Learn about our dietitians here.